Baton Rouge Dentist: Dental Implant Specialist

The staff at Grand Family Dentistry has the expertise and experience to give you a beautiful smile that you deserve. Dental implants are now the choice procedure to replace missing teeth. Additional procedures such as bone regeneration or sinus elevation may be necessary before the titanium rod can be inserted. This dentist will give you a thorough evaluation to plan the proper procedures to address your needs.

Although dental implants are expensive, they are cost-effective when considering other tooth replacement methods. Because dental implants are a permanent procedure, they may be the best choice. Dentures need to be frequently replaced which can add up to a fortune over a lifetime. Also, add the costs of additional products such as denture glue that is used on a daily basis to secure the denture. Other tooth replacement methods also require consistent repair and replacement whereas titanium dental implants do not.

The cost of dental implants also includes follow up visits. Implants can take up to a year to completely heal and require consistent monitoring and care during that period.

In some instances, the dental implant procedure may be covered by insurances. It is important to consult your insurance company to determine what will be covered before or soon after the initial consultation with the doctor. To schedule an appointment, contact their office.

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